The defending Little 500 champions, Delta Tau Delta, will return to the 2017 race under a new name, JETBLACH. On Sunday January 8th, the Arch Chapter of Delta Tau Delta voted to suspend the Beta Alpha Chapter at Indiana University. This decision precludes the Little 500 team from riding under the name "Delta Tau Delta" until recolonization is complete. This process can take between 1 and 5 years.

In the coming year(s), JETBLACH will endeavor to uphold the Delta Tau Delta legacy through a passionate pursuit of excellence in the Little 500 to achieve the following:

  1. Become a focal point for Beta Alpha alumni involvement
  2. Give continued purpose and meaning to undergraduate involvement
  3. Expedite the recolonization process by becoming a rallying point for recruitment of future brothers

With these objectives, the undergraduate riders, alumni support network, and coaching staff continue the Delts Cycling program as JETBLACH until Delta Tau Delta's Beta Alpha Chapter returns to Indiana University.

Beyond the riding and rhetoric, this team and our fraternity need your help. As alumni, you are the greatest single resource we have. Your support is absolutely crucial not only to Delts Cycling, but also to the continued success of the Beta Alpha Chapter and the Little 500.

Your involvement, whether in the form of monetary donation, voluntary time, or race attendance will help continue the proud legacy of Delts Cycling. So, please, spread the word about this year’s team and get involved. Every little bit counts.


Four Horseman Club $500+

  • Donor Name added to Exclusive Four Horseman Donor Plaque (viewable in the bike room)
  • Little 500 Race DVD
  • Delts Cycling T-Shirt

Purple Iris Club: $ 100-499

  • Little 500 Race DVD
  • Delts Cycling T-Shirt

Square Badge Club: $50-99

  • Delts Cycling T-Shirt


All sponsor recognition applies to items associated with the year in which the donation was made and can include name and/or logo.

Four Horseman Club $500 +

  • Name/Logo on Delts Cycling Kits
  • Name/Logo on Delts Cycling webpage
  • Name/Logo included on all official team communications

Purple Iris Club: $ 250-499+

  • Name/Logo on Delts Cycling webpage
  • Name/Logo included on all official team communications


Donations can be made electronically via paypal. See link above.

Checks can be made out to Delta Tau Delta Cycling and sent to:

         Delts Cycling; PO Box 8861; Bloomington, IN 47407

Donation RSVPs can be sent to

Donate online using PayPal at the link below:

Courtyard Bricks

The Delta Shelter's newly renovated courtyard is now a home for alumni too. Set your contribution in stone with a $125 Donation. All proceeds benefit the Delts Bike team. Engravings typically include your name and pledge class year.

The team would like to offer a big thanks to all those who've already made the decision to donate.

  • Richards D. Barger
  • Dan Bauder (In Memoriam)
  • Richard Boston
  • Chad Casey
  • Chase Casey
  • Floyd J. Duck
  • David W. Eberly
  • Chuck Eickman
  • Lee Feldman
  • Sean Gill
  • Damon Graham
  • Brian Hardman
  • Pat "Cosmo" Hoehn
  • Rob Hudson
  • Abe Ismail
  • Richard D. Kiovsky
  • Matthew Kipper
  • Matt Laviolette
  • Robert Lucas
  • John "Rocky" Maycox
  • Ted McGrew
  • Chris Merryman
  • Luke Momper
  • Matt Neibler
  • Scott Peden
  • Brian Pope
  • Steve Radarstorf
  • Jacon Rhodus (In Memoriam)
  • Ben Robison
  • Nick Sapp
  • Dirk Schnable
  • Marc Sedwick
  • Charles Sexson
  • Brian Storrer
  • Scott Wittman
  • Tony Wishart

Delts Cycling Kit: $300 – Represent the Little 500 Champions by wearing the Jersey/Bib combination that our riders wear; the distinctive Red Grey and White.

Delt Cycling Jersey

Delt Cycling Bibs

Delt Cycling T-Shirt

Delt Cycling Championship T-Shirt