"One Day In April" the Little 500 Documentary Film

On April 15th 2016, "One Day In April" was released nationwide. The documentary film chronicles the triumphs and challenges of Delta Tau Delta, The Cutters, Kappa Delta, and Teter as they compete to win the 2013 Little 500. 

At a time when collegiate athletics is navigating an increasingly uncomfortable intersection of profit and competition, the Little 500 remains a shining example of pure sport in America’s heartland. Through the stories of the individuals who make up the Little 500 community, “One Day in April” is a testament to the virtue that sports build community and forge kinships rarely savored otherwise.

The expansive narrative of friendship, failure, and redemption plays out across a cast of characters that includes experienced veterans, accident-prone rookies, and alumni coaches who treat the Little 500 like it’s the Indianapolis 500. In a once-a-year event like this, there is no tomorrow.

Delta Tau Delta and Delt Cycling are proud to support this film. Shot, edited, and produced by IU Alumni over a 2 year period, its a truly Hoosier production made with tremendous care and outstanding quality. We would encourage all Beta Alpha and Little 500 alumni to view this film.

Please check out the movie trailer at the links below.

Film Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIFPgvS67BU

Film Website: www.onedayinapril.com

"One Day in April" is a feature-length documentary that chronicles the triumphs and failures of four collegiate cyclist teams competing to win the Little 500. The film is a bittersweet portrait of life in the midwest and the drama from training through race day.