Alumni Committee

The Delt Cycling Alumni Committee is made up of a select group of former riders who have voluntarily dedicated their time and talents to the guidance and preservation of Delta Tau Delta’s Little 500 Cycling team.

The committee affirms that an involved and committed alumni base is perhaps the single most important factor in ensuring the continued success of the Delt Cycling program. These individuals have dedicated themselves to continually look for ways to evolve and improve the program while spearheading efforts for knowledge sharing, mentorship, and guidance.

Matt Neibler

Matt Neibler 


Rider 2007-2009

Sport Director: 2010 - Present

Rob Hudson 


Rider: 1986-1989

Coach: 2004-2008

James Coudright 

BA '11

Rider: 2010-2011

Mechanic: 2013 - Present