Meet the Coach

Courtney Bishop bears a over a decade of Little 500 coaching experience that includes 10 top 5 finishes. He is Delt Cycling's principle strategist and has been instrumental in preparing and coaching the program toward race-day success since 2009.

I've had the opportunity to coach Little 500 teams since 2002 and have had a fair amount of success. In that time, the greatest accomplishments and the greatest joy has been coaching the men of Delta Tau Delta since 2009.
Year after year, we bring a unique and diverse group of athletes and scholars to compete against the best on campus.
We've continued to do things in our own way, the Delt-way. Often other teams dont understand how we do what we do or why we do what we do but it has brought us a tremendous amount of success and we are determined to  continue to pioneer our original prospective on the race.
This year we look to become Little 500 champions once again. Get ready, the purple and gold line of champions is about to get a little bit longer!
See you in April.

- Courtney Bishop, Delt Cycling Little 500 Coach