The defending Little 500 champions, Delta Tau Delta, will return to the 2017 race under a new name, JETBLACH. On Sunday January 8th, the Arch Chapter of Delta Tau Delta voted to suspend the Beta Alpha Chapter at Indiana University. This decision precludes the Little 500 team from riding under the name "Delta Tau Delta" until recolonization is complete. This process can take between 1 and 5 years.

In the coming year(s), JETBLACH will endeavor to uphold the Delta Tau Delta legacy through a passionate pursuit of excellence in the Little 500 to achieve the following:

  1. Become a focal point for Beta Alpha alumni involvement
  2. Give continued purpose and meaning to undergraduate involvement
  3. Expedite the recolonization process by becoming a rallying point for recruitment of future brothers

With these objectives, the undergraduate riders, alumni support network, and coaching staff continue the Delts Cycling program as JETBLACH until Delta Tau Delta's Beta Alpha Chapter returns to Indiana University.


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